Thursday, March 29, 2007

And I Think it's Gonna Been a Long Long Time

Sorry it's been so long! I got grounded from the computer for back-talking my dad. But here I am again, ready to talk your ears off.

I hate bowling. I went yesterday with my friends, and discovered something. There's nothing worse than, when you get a gutter ball, to realize you have to...turn around...and see all your friends...with huge grins on their faces. Trying to be nice. It's pure humiliation. Does anybody agree with me here?

I just heard something from my mom and sister: Randy Alcorn has a third book followup to Deadline and Dominion! It's called Deception. I can't wait to read it! If you guys have ever read Alcorn's fiction, you know how good he is.

Michelle's coming to spend the night tonight, and then we're going shopping tomorrow with a bunch of girlfriends! This is actually the first time my mom's letting me go shopping with friends without her. Mostly because up until now, my BFF wasn't 18 and most of my friends didn't have cell phones. So yeah, it'll be fun. Charlie and Robbie BEGGED to tag along, but we had to say no. We need a girls day!

I want to try martial arts.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Quick One

Megan had her totally rockin' birthday party on Saturday! The weather was beautiful, which was a VERY refreshing change from the dreary rain and cold we've been having. Except I didn't realize the ground was still muddy, so...yeah. I ran outside for 5 hours in just socks, and now they're completely ruined. That has actually happened twice before. At the Super Bowl Party I ran through Jordan's whole neighborhood in just socks. And after we all went tubing I walked around in the church parking lot in just socks, so they were ruined again. And all three times, everybody flipped and was like, "OH MY GOSH YOUR SOCKS" and I'm just like, "yeah, it's not really a big deal, people!"

I just realized that talking about socks is really dumb.

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Friday, March 02, 2007


I knew this would happen someday. I posted, and got no responses whatsoever. I'm not annoyed; I'm actually surprised that my blog lasted this long without losing interest. So I don't really care who reads this or who doesn't.

My sister's been catching every cold that comes around, so my mom took her to the doctor today. It turns out that the problem might be this swollen little bump on the back of her head. I'm actually not sure what the deal is, but just be praying, okay? She had blood drawn today, but idk when we'll get the results back. I'm sure she's fine...but I'm just a little bit worried.

I had to miss Bible study on Wednesday because of the chance of freezing rain. As if. It was totally fine all evening, and instead of listening to Pastor Chuck and hanging out with my friends, I stayed home and watched Open Season. It was...okay, I guess. I mean, the characters (especially Ashton Kutcher's deer Elliot) were hilarious, but there wasn't really a good story to follow, just a bunch of random stuff stuck together. And a little too much gross-out humor. Do I really want to see someone hock a loogie onto their hand (er, hoof) and then see it drip off? But the magical elf song was so funny, my dad rewound that part so we could watch it twice! lol

I've never ever watched American Idol, but just a couple days ago, my dad turned it on and we watched it. I'm hooked!!! We watched it again last night, and now I think I'm turning into an Idol groupie. Blake is so cute! I'll beg my daddy to let us watch it again tonight, as long as there's not too much close-up of the girls when they sing. Some of them dress really inappropriately.

I reserved a Japanese cookbook at the library, but I don't get to pick it up there for a couple days. Sushi so AMAZING great!!! Everyone's always like, "Ew, you know that's raw fish, don't you?" The only people who are totally grossed out by sushi have never had it. It's so good, when it's done right. I wouldn't recommend nigiri to first-timers, with its weird texture, but anyone can appreciate a simple California roll.

Now I'm just stalling so I don't have to go memorize quizzing verses. I'll be so glad when this quiz year is over. It's too much trouble and work for so little result. Unless we can go to that would ever happen. I've been quizzing for five years, and our church has never agreed to go to nationals with the others in our district because of the weak teaching and the immodest clothing of the girls there. But if this year turns out to be different...I'd better not get my hopes up, because even if Pastor Chuck gave the thumbs-up, it's still expensive to get there. But it would be nice to be able to say, "I quizzed for five years and in my final year I made it to nationals." Instead of what I'm probably going to end up saying: "I quizzed for five years...yeah. Um, I was okay at it." I'm sick of being mediocre at everything I do. I'm a mediocre writer, I'm a mediocre artist, I'm a mediocre pianist (check that, I'm a horrible pianist). I don't have to be a mediocre quizzer. I can be somebody for once.

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