Monday, July 31, 2006

that was a blast!!!! i wish i could've written down how it felt the first time i went out there, but there was no paper to write on. i'll just hafta do it here to the best of my memory. but my mom wants me to get off the computer, so i'll do it next time. if i remember....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

just gotta mention something here: i won't be able to post on here (or comment on anybody else's blogs) for the weekend. i'm going! my bff invited me, and i'm simultaneously pumped and nervous. i haven't been on a four-wheeler since i was ten, and even then, it was behind another guy who knew what he was doing. i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing!!! anybody who reads this, please comment and give me something to read when i get back. bye!

Monday, July 17, 2006

I SAW IT!!!!! i wish i knew how to upload an audio file, so that you could hear me say, "wow." the word "wow" doesn't cover it. where do i begin? i'll start with the characters.

elizabeth was a surprise. i've always thought of her as the screaming girl who runs from everything. boy, was i wrong! that girl can fight! and she's torn inside. one half of her wants to save will and marry him, the other half is getting more and more attracted to jack. and guess what? she's a pirate herself! i wish i could say what i'm thinking right now, but that would give something HUGE away. let me just say this: she betrayed someone, even though she knew it would mean death to that person.

will was better than the first. in curse of the black pearl, he seemed gallant enough, but a little too wooden and proper. here, he has life and feeling. and he's pretty much the only one who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. and what he wants is always selfless. sorry, will, but the perfect hero isn't my kinda guy.

davy jones is the ultimate bad guy. his presence strikes you with fascination, revulsion, and fear all at the same time. he makes barbossa seem like a little kid!

norrington is the exact opposite of his character in the first movie. dirty, desperate, and an outcast. and i can't tell if he's a good guy or a bad guy. he risks himself for the others to escape, but then he steals something very important from them and gives it to a wicked man. he has learned that elizabeth will never love him, and he's learned to cope with it. but it still hurts him when he sees her with either of the other two guys, and you can see the pain in his face. i feel bad for him.

and now, the most important assessment: captain jack sparrow. it seems to the very end that all he cares about is saving himself. he seems a coward to the very end. and then...ha ha, i'm not going to tell you! anyway, for the whole movie, he doesn't know what he wants, and i'm not quite sure why. jack always knows what he wants! elizabeth shows faith in him for the whole adventure, but then when he finally does the heroic thing...rats, i forgot that i can't say that! how am i supposed to give my review on this movie if i can't give anything away? i'll do it later after i'm sure most people have seen it. i can't do it now.

Friday, July 14, 2006

i'm going to DMC on monday!!!!!! megsie said it's "so good!" sounds like one of those teen girl squad comics. i have a whole awesome costume too! it's cool cuz nothing on it is actually costume stuff, but i made do with what i have. i have these suede boots with straps all over, and buckles. those are my pirate boots. today i bought some baggy brown pants that tuck into them. very piratey! i took just a regular white tee shirt and put a weave of four brown belts over my shoulder and around my waist. i borrowed my mom's red headband, and i'll do my hair in little braids! i tried it all on, and everyone said it was cute. today two of my little sister's friends came over and they had me choose outfits for them in a fashion show. the first one was fun because i got my sister to look hip and trendy, which she hates. and the next one was fun because i gave each of them hilariously ridiculous clothes and hair!!! i wish we got pictures, but my dad took the camera with him fishing. oh well. well, i'm gonna check the email now, so bye!

Friday, July 07, 2006

i know i just posted here today, but i have more things to say. i made dinner tonight. we had eggflower soup, egg-battered chicken with bean sprouts, fried rice, and quick-fried shrimp. tasty, if i do say so myself! my dad ate up all the extra. i just found out a few minutes ago that my BFF is coming over to spend the night...tonight!!!! i love when great things happen on short notice. i also found out something about dead man's chest. it leaves you hanging, waiting for the next one! my dad told me that he read a review that said that you HAVE TO see the third one, or else you stop halfway through the story! sneaky, sneaky! but i'm still pumped to go see DMC ASAP!!! if anybody reads this who has already seen it, please refrain from spoilers until i've seen it!!! i want as much of it as possible to be a surprise. thank you!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! i just went to the dead man's chest website, and guess what they had sound clips of? potc score...REMIXES!!!!! can you believe the awesomeness?!? i'm definitely gonna buy it after i see the new movie. which, by the way, i just read several reviews for. is a good place to go for finding out if a movie is clean, but it really bugs me when they try to give a critique of the plot itself. leave that for someone else, people! theirs was the only bad review i read, as far as storyline. as far as content, it sounds like it'll be almost completely clean. kinda like the old one. but one thing that i gathered from all the reviews is that it's pretty dark. that it would probably scare little kids. i'm okay with that! the creepier, the better, i say! i don't think that it'll be too objectionable of content. but what's the deal with jack and elizabeth? am i to understand that they kiss?!? for one thing, she's engaged to will, and for another, she always thought he was a scumbag. i wish i could go to the midnight showing! but my mom would never allow it. dangit.